Dial Symbols and Numbers

Each HeroClix figure is mounted on a round piece of plastic called a dial. The dial has another disk of plastic on its underside, which clicks clockwise; this disk has a sticker on it that shows how the character's powers and numbers change as he/she takes damage. You can "click through" a figure's dial to see how he/she changes when damaged.

Every time a figure is damaged in-game, you look at the amount of damage the figure should take, and then click the dial clockwise that many times. When the character's dial clicks to a spot where the numbers are all replaced with "KO," the figure is counted out of the game.

The little "window" in the top part of the dial that shows the character's powers and numbers is in the shape of an L. See the dial for Tarantula, top left.

The number at the top of the L is the character's movement, or how many spaces the character can move. This stat is denoted by either a little running foot (if the character moves by walking), a wing (if the character flies), or a dolphin (if the character swims). As you see on Tarantula's dial, she is a grounded character and can move 8 spaces. Cosmic Boy, on the other hand, has a wing on his dial (below left, circled), showing that he is a flying character, and he can move 9 spaces.

The number in the middle of the L is the character's attack--this is what you add to your dice roll (2 six-sided dice) to see if you can successfully damage another character. This stat is usually denoted by a fist symbol. Tarantula's attack is 9; Cosmic Boy's is 10.

The number at the bottom of the L is the character's defense--when an opponent's character attacks yours, they are trying to get a result that matches or exceeds your character's defense. This stat is usually denoted by a shield symbol. Tarantula's defense is 16; Cosmic Boy's is 17.

The number on the jutted-out part of the L is the character's damage--that's how many clicks an opponent's character will take if successfully hit by your character. This stat is usually denoted by a little explosion symbol. Both Tarantula and Cosmic Boy have 2 damage.

The range of a character is depicted off to the right side of the stat L--as circled on Huntress' dial below.

The two lightning bolts out to the side of her range (8) tells me the number of targets she can shoot at once--two. Tarantula (pictured above) has 0 range and 1 lightning bolt--that means she can only fight adjacent characters and can only target one at a time. Cosmic Boy has 6 range, but can only shoot one opposing character at a time as well.

Team Symbols

A character's team symbol appears behind their figure, directly across from the stats. Vet Raven's team symbol, meaning Teen Titans, appears at top left; Deadman's team symbol, meaning Mystics, appears at bottom left.
Some figures have no team symbol at all, like Night Nurse at left. These figures are still perfectly playable, they just aren't associated with any "team" of heroes.

Where Do You Find the Point Value?

The point value is usually to the immediate right of the team symbol area, as circled in yellow on Experienced Enchantress at left. The number circled in red, with a # in front of it, is the collector's number, and is located farther away from the team symbol.

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