What Are "Good" Numbers?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Values will vary widely among characters, but depending on what the characters do (in terms of powers and abilities), they might not need AWESOME number stats in every category.

For instance, experienced Destiny has 6 move, 0 attack, 13 defense, and 0 damage, but she's an invaluable member of many of my Clix teams. The reason I play her: she has Probability Control (light blue on Damage--the ability to help me reroll a bad roll). Evaluate Clix pieces carefully--don't just dismiss one without thinking about what function it can perform in a team setting.

Also, be sure to click through a piece (not just its first click) before judging it as "good," "mediocre," or "bad." As an example: my favorite Clix piece, veteran Dove, is shown below, on first click.

Vet Dove starts out on 5 move, 6 attack, 10 defense, and 0 damage, with no powers and abilities. Looks just terrible in terms of stats and powers, doesn't she?
But click her once, and she jumps to 10 move, 10 attack, 17 defense, and 2 damage, with Super Senses (red on Defense) and Close Combat Expert (purple on Damage). Dove, like many other Clix figures, has a "activation click"--a first click that you need to "push" the character off of in order to get to his/her superhero self. (Kind of like Superman having to hop into a telephone booth to change into his costume.)

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