HeroClix Gameplay Tips

Building a Team: Beatstick or Swarm?

Two types of team building, two basic playstyles. Which one is right for you?

Beatstick TeamsSwarm Teams
  • Most of the figures are 100 points or above
  • Low number of figures on the team
  • Figures generally have lots of powers
  • Great for swooping in and smashing quickly
  • Can get overwhelmed or outlasted by swarm teams
  • Most of the figures are below 100 points
  • High number of figures on the team
  • Figures generally have two or three powers each
  • Great for long-term strategies with lots of support
  • Can get crippled or steamrolled by beatstick teams

It's all about personal preference--do you like to stomp your opponent with beatstick pieces that are larger point values, or do you like to swarm your opponent with a mass of smaller point-value pieces?

Common Strategies and Their Pitfalls

Tentpole Team

Definition: A team that is made up of one huge beatstick piece and tiny support pieces.

Pitfall: If the support pieces are killed off first, the lone beatstick is much more vulnerable against a more balanced team.

How to Avoid It: Build your team with pieces that HAVE a support power or two, but with better stats that can damage an opposing character if it needs to. This will keep the support pieces from getting killed off too easily, and also makes your team a little more balanced overall. (Including some Outwit and Prob will help your supporting characters damage opposing characters with high defenses or strong defensive powers.)


Definition: Keeping your team in the start area long after first turn.

Pitfall: Some tournaments will disqualify you for this, because you're not doing anything to make the game go faster--you're just waiting around.

How to Avoid It: If you like to pick a place to hide and stay there, you can build a ranged team that can work well in Hindering Terrain. Ranged pieces with Stealth work great--you do have to move out of your start area to use them, but once you find yourself a good set of bushes or desks to camp on, you're ready to hide out until it's time to attack.

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