Support! What is It Good For? (Actually, Quite a Bit)

If you like to play more aggressively, supportive pieces might seem like a waste of points. Why bother using a piece that's only good for Probability Control, or only good for Telekinesis, etc., when you can use those points for a piece that can actually damage somebody?

This way of thinking might be right, especially in timed tournament games when the goal is to kick butt as quickly and completely as possible. But support does have its place--and it can bring you an upset victory more times than one might think!

Probability Control (light blue on damage)

Prob is great for rerolling that Crit Miss you just rolled, and also great for making an opponent reroll their successful attack on your characters. Just by selectively rerolling your bad rolls or your opponent's good rolls, you can literally change the course of a game. (Best to reroll your Crit Misses and your opponent's Crit Hits! :D) This is why Prob is easily my favorite Support power. (One of my friends even joked about my HeroClix buying habits, saying that "if a [Heroclix figure] is a chick and has Prob, she'll want it.")

Here are the rules for Prob:

Outwit (black on damage)

Outwit can get rid of any powers on a character's dial, which is an enormous help to any team strategy. It can get rid of defensive powers like Impervious when you're about to attack, as well as preempting your opponent's attacks or support strategies by disrupting Charge, Running Shot, Support, Perplex, etc.

Here are the rules for Outwit:

Support (yellow on damage)

Another support power is just that: Support. Heal up your hurt characters and get them fighting-fit again! This is fantastic for helping your team outlast your opponent's, especially if they aren't running any healing. :D (If you can't tell, this is another favorite support power of mine. LOL) Just don't keep your Medic too close to the battle front!

Here are the rules for Support:

Perplex (brown/gold on damage)

Perplex is a multi-use support power, great for both strengthening the combat values of your figures or weakening those of your opponent's figures. You can even Perplex a character's Range value up or down! You can even Perplex your own character's defense to add a little protection during your opponent's turn, or you can Perplex one of your opponent's figures' Attacks or Ranges down--it's very handy.

Here are the rules for Perplex:

Telekinesis (gray/silver on attack)

Telekinesis (hereafter known as "TK") is not always considered a "support" power like the previous four listed, but it should be. After all, a TK character can move friendly characters, objects, and even opposing characters around on the map! Whether you're TKing objects up to your Super Strength character to arm them, or whether you're TKing a wounded character back to a Medic, it's an invaluable facilitator power.

Here are the rules for TK:

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