How to Play HeroClix: The Basics

Necessary Vocabulary

point value
How much a HeroClix figure "costs" to put on your team.

point total
How many points each player gets to build his or her team of heroes. These are usually in 100-point increments, like 100, 200, 300, etc. You can build a team that matches the point total exactly, but you cannot exceed the point total.

action token
A marker of some kind (usually a gaming bead or die) that helps remind you which heroes have already acted.

Make a character act two turns in a row, which makes the character take 1 damage after other actions resolve.

team symbol
A little graphic on the back of the character's dial, which tells you what group the character is part of. Some heroes do not have team symbols.

The types of ground your heroes play on. HeroClix maps can have several different types of terrain, which affects gameplay; see Terrain section below for more.

To play, you need at least 2 six-sided dice (d6s), and a small collection of heroes. But how do you turn your collection of pieces into a team of any sort?

How to Build a Team

There is a number on every HeroClix figure's base, like 51, 35, 104, etc. This is the character's point value. Every game of HeroClix starts out with a point total, which you must build within to play. Say, if the point total of a game was 200 points; you couldn't play the 251-point Superman in that game, because he exceeds that threshold of points. You can make up a team of any type of heroes you want and nearly any point value--just make sure that all the point values of the different pieces add up to 200 or less for that game.


In HeroClix, you can only make a certain number of actions every turn. "Actions" include moving a hero and attacking. To figure out how many actions per turn you can do, divide the point total by 100. For instance, if you're playing a 100-point game, you can only make 1 action per turn; if you're playing a 500-point game, you can make 5 actions per turn.

When you have a character on your team act, afterwards the figure must be marked with an action token. That hero can move or attack next turn, but will be pushed if you have them do so. (Doing two attacks back to back would tire me out, too!) The exception to this is if the character has Willpower (purple on Defense), a special power that acts like Willpower, or has the Power Cosmic or Quintessence team ability--all of these prevent pushing damage.


On most HeroClix maps, lines of differing colors show where bushes and trees are, where buildings are, etc. Just like in the movies, your heroes can fight in the middle of a city where they're all on top of buildings, or in the middle of a forest where every tree is a place to hide. These lines denote where different types of terrain are, and each type of terrain can be used to strategic advantage.

The following list shows what color lines mark which type of terrain:

Learn more about this layout design!