Long-Term Miniatures Storage

Miniatures are even more susceptible to heat damage than cards are; light, water and dust can also damage Clix dials and other printed materials on the character's base. Here are your best choices for keeping your miniatures collection as Near-Mint as possible:

Mass Storage: Large Boxes

Any kind of large box is a fairly cheap way to store tons of Clix or SWMinis figures in one place. Cardboard comic boxes are some of your cheapest options: BCWSupplies has some, and your local comic book store definitely should have some on hand as well.

However, if you want to protect even more against dust and water especially, large plastic boxes like the ones made by Really Useful Boxes are an excellent choice. (I use several sizes of their boxes for various gaming storage, like the box below:

Pictured box is the 1.6 litre size--if I had to guess, this one probably holds about 75-90 figures, depending on size.

Sorted Storage: Divided Tackle Boxes and Trays

If you need more organized storage rather than just piling figures in a box, then fishing tackle boxes or divided trays will be better for you. Here's what my long-term Clix storage system looks like:

Pictured trays are the Really Useful Boxes' Hobby Trays.

Maintaining Your Perfect Minis Storage System

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