Choosing Sleeves and Boxes

Especially if you play your decks and teams a lot, it's important to protect them against wear and tear. Magic cards can warp over time with humidity and shuffling styles, HeroClix and SWMinis figures can get broken or bent up with heat and pressure, and the figures' character cards can get torn or bent up pretty easily in typical miniatures storage cases. If the gaming items are rare or you'd like to resell them one day, you will need to keep them in as mint a condition as possible. How does one do that? By using card sleeves and boxes--a short guide to buying the right card sleeves and boxes follows.

Magic Sleeves: A Buying Guide


  • Buying sleeves and boxes at mass-marketers
  • Shiny or glittery sleeves (don't shuffle or wear well)
  • Flimsy sleeves
  • 50-count sleeve packs, if possible

Choose Instead

  • Buying sleeves and boxes online
  • Matte or textured sleeves for easy shuffling
  • Thicker sleeves
  • 60-count or 100-count sleeve packs, where available

Clix and Star Wars Minis Boxes: A Buying Guide


  • Too-small boxes
  • Boxes that crush or bend easily
  • Lids that don't snap on

Choose Instead

  • Big enough box for your collection
  • Hard plastic or metal boxes
  • Snap-top lids

Metal or Plastic Deck Boxes?

Metal Boxes

  • Last longer with regular gaming use
  • Get dinged/scratched up easily, especially if knocked against other metal items

Plastic Boxes

  • Wear out faster with regular gaming use
  • Don't get dinged up or visibly scratched as easily

Where to Buy Sleeves and Boxes

Card Sleeve Sellers
Deck/Minis Box Sellers

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