Portable Gaming Storage Tips

Most of us don't want to carry our entire collections of gaming stuff with us--it can be clunky and downright heavy to transport. So, you need ways to carry just a few decks, just a few Clix or Star Wars Minis teams, and of course, the all-important dice.

With any case for anything, make sure it is durable, waterproof (good against both rain and the accidental soft-drink spill), and sensible for you. The organizational system that works for another player might not work for you, but you can definitely ask around to see how other players have solved this dilemma.

Below is a guide to finding your perfect gaming case, helping you think of what you need your particular case to hold, how durable you need it to be, etc. There are also some links at the bottom of this page, leading you to sites that sell other types of carrying cases and boxes.

Magic Deck Carrying Cases

Aside from the simple rubber/plastic zip-up cases provided by companies like UltraPro and the multiple-deck metal cases provided by Rook, there are also other containers that you can repurpose for duty as a Magic case.

As seen below, I currently use a large purse with a flat bottom and several pockets to carry Magic decks and dice; some of my friends use small toolboxes, shoeboxes, and the like. Anything that keeps your Magic deck boxes from knocking against each other or opening accidentally during transport is a good option.

The bag fits 5 M:TG decks and my Clix box, described further below.

Clix Boxes

Almost anything can serve as a "Clix box"--I've used makeup train cases, sewing kit boxes, and even sandwich boxes, while my friends have used fishing tackle boxes or toolboxes. Anything that has a snap-top lid and is resistant to outside pressure will serve well.

I currently use the 0.7 litre box from the Really Useful Box line of products to carry my teams and small selections of figures. Bonus: the box fits neatly into my gaming bag pictured above.

Pictured box is approx. 6 1/8" x 4" x 3 1/8".

Star Wars Minis Boxes

Similar to Clix, small tool boxes, beading-supply boxes, or even makeup boxes/bags will work for holding Star Wars Minis collections. Be creative--since Star Wars figures are smaller (and often able to stand up to more abuse) than Clix, you have more options for storage. (I've seen some cases at Wal-Mart and other mass-market discount stores that are actually for sewing notions, but that might work for Star Wars figures.)

Dice, Counters, Etc.

Plastic sandwich bags or small change purses can serve as bags for dice, counters, and other gaming supplies. However, I like that I've found a bag with little zip pockets on the outside for these tiny items, as seen below:

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