Long-Term Collectible Card Storage and Organization

Collectible cards must be stored carefully, since they are susceptible to bending as well as damage from heat, water, and light. Here are your best options for storing your card collection:

Cardboard Storage Boxes

Cardboard CCG boxes (available through TrollAndToad and BCWSupplies, among other places) are your cheapest option for long-term storage; they aren't waterproof, but they will protect from dust, folding/scrunching, and light.

Plastic Storage Boxes

Some companies also produce plastic trading card storage boxes that have a locking lid for extra protection against spillout. Here's one of mine:

The above plastic box and others like it don't suit sleeved M:TG cards, but unsleeved cards (like an extras or trades collection) are a perfect fit. These boxes are very hard to find--I couldn't find my exact model available on the Internet, but here's a similar box.

3-Ring Binders and Card Protector Pages

3-ring binders with card-protector pages are also good, especially for rares or cards you don't want to get damaged. (Card protector pages can be found through Amazon, Staples, and Walmart, to name just a few places.) Here's one of my card storage notebooks:

You can store at least 9 cards to a page, but you can store 18 cards to a page if you face one card to the front of the page and one card to the back of the page. (This can save space over time--just don't pack too many cards into each card sleeve!)

Maintaining Your Perfect Card Storage System

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