What About Artifacts?

For the most part, Artifacts are made to fit into any deck. Whatever you've built, there's likely an artifact out there that can help you run it more smoothly.

Example #1: Sun Droplet and Well of Lost Dreams, which respectively function as life preserver and draw engine in several Life Gain decks:

Example #2: Bonesplitter, an excellent addition to any deck of 1/1 and 2/2 creatures:

In the Shards of Alara block, however, M:TG introduced artifacts with actual colored mana costs (mostly for White/Blue/Black, White/Blue, Blue/Black, and White/Black). These still count as artifacts, but you just have to pay certain colors of mana to get them instead of any type of mana like other artifacts.

I have seen people build decks strictly made of artifacts and win; there's a winning little deck built around the Artifact Creature Arcbound Ravager, for example. I have also seen artifacts used as merely enhancements for a mono- or dual-color deck. (My White/Green Test of Endurance deck, for instance, just wouldn't be the same without Isochron Scepter...it makes for the fun trick called "Scepter-Fog.") Experiment with adding a few artifacts into your deck, and see if you enjoy it--it certainly can't hurt!

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