Multicolor Strategies

This isn't so much a "color philosophy" in and of itself--it's more a blending of two or more color philosophies into something new. A good multi-color deck has colors that depend on each other for their individual strengths, and with expansion blocks like Invasion, Ravnica, and Shards of Alara, multi-color is very much in vogue. Below is a quick list of what each two-color and three-color combination is about. The Ravnica two-color "guild" names follow in parentheses, so you know what types of cards to look for when you start your two-color searching.

Natural (Friendly) Two-Color Combinations

The following colors "get along" well together and play pretty similarly:

Interesting (Enemy) Two-Color Combinations

The following colors have a little harder time playing nice with each other, but it can be done!

The following list gives the friendly three-color combinations, with Shards of Alara "shard" names following the color listings.

Natural (Friendly) Three-Color Combinations

You can also make a deck around enemy 3-color combos, but they aren't as well-supported. However, they did make Dragons in Planar Chaos that were associated with the enemy-color combinations. Those Dragons' names are listed in parentheses after the color listing.

Interesting (Enemy) Three-Color Combinations

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