"Good" Stats to Look For

In SWMinis, damage is dealt using the 20-sided die instead of the pair of 6-sided dice used in Clix. However, the damage-dealing process is basically the same: add your character's Attack value to the number you rolled, and if that resulting value is equal to or exceeding the opposing character's Defense value, you deal your Damage value.

Unlike HeroClix, there isn't a really standard way to see whether stats are "good" or not. There are very general guidelines, but in SWMinis, an ability can make a terrible-stats figure absolutely playable. It all depends on what you need your squad to do for you.

Good Hit Points

You generally need to have characters who can withstand a hit or two by themselves; a total of 40 HP or more is good. Luminara Unduli, at left, is closer to the top end of Hit Point values with her 100 HP. (Note, however, that pieces with less than 40 HP can still be worth using to round out a team--just don't depend on them to survive the whole game.)

Good Defense

A defense of 17 or 18 is a good standard, like Stass Allie at left; Defenses of 19 or 20 give better protection against all but the highest-attack Jedi and Sith, but you'll pay a little more in points for the figure. Remember that parking your characters in or behind green (Hindering) terrain will give you +4 defense, so if you need to protect a lower-defense character, use the map's Hindering Terrain to your advantage.

Good Attack

Attacks of 9, 10, and 11 are average, like Republic Commando Sev at left; Attack values higher than that are on higher-point-cost pieces (like Luminara Unduli, featured above). Pieces with lower attack values are good for backup and support figures, though, so don't count a figure out just because of a low attack value.

Good Damage

Most SWMinis figures can do about 20 damage, but there are some pieces with 30 damage (like Senate Guard at left). Some figures' special abilities, however, allow them to do more damage in a turn using Force Points, Double Attack, etc.--read the card carefully and don't just judge by the damage value.

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