Force Powers and How to Use Them

If you've got a character with Force powers, you'll know it--the card's text is divided in half, with "Special Abilities" up top and "Force Powers" below (like Agen Kolar's card, at right). Most of the Force powers come with fairly detailed explanations of what they do right on the card, but there's a little trick to knowing some of the shorthand as well.

Finding How Many Force Points a Character Has

A character's number of Force Points is shown right underneath the text "Force Powers" on the character's card. Jedi Weapon Master's card, shown at left, shows that he starts a game with 3 Force Points on him. Agen Kolar, above, has 4 Force Points at the start of a game.

Using Force Points to Reroll

Every character who has Force Points can use 1 Force Point to reroll an attack roll or a save roll. (Kind of a limited form of Probability Control from HeroClix.) This is a VERY useful ability if you absolutely have to make that attack or make that save roll, but remember, it spends a Force Point to do so.

Force Points: Use Only Once a Turn

Even if a character has multiple Force abilities, he or she can only use Force Points once per turn. That means that if you're playing Agen Kolar, you have to choose whether you want to heal him for 20 damage, OR deal 10 damage to other characters within 6 squares, OR deal 20 damage. This takes thought and strategy. You need to think about what you really need the Force Points for, whether that's healing, damage, defense, attack, rerolling, etc., and plan accordingly each turn so that you don't end up cheated out of a Force power you really needed to use.


If a character has "Master of the Force" and then a number out beside that (like "Master of the Force 2"), then it means that that character can use the Force more than once a turn. "Master of the Force 2" means he/she can use it twice, "Master of the Force 3" means he/she can use it three times, etc.

When You Use Up Force Points, They Don't Come Back (Usually)

In most cases, when the Force Points are gone, they're gone--they don't regenerate.


Barriss Offee's card, shown at right, is different--it says "Force Renewal 1" beside the number of Force Points she comes into battle with. This means that every time she activates, she gets 1 Force Point, no matter if she's used the Force that turn or not. Neat trick, especially for a healer like Barriss, who needs a good supply of Force Points to heal herself and the other members of her squad!

If you like this ability, look for other Force Renewal pieces in other factions, especially in Rebels, Sith, and Republic!

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