Star Wars Miniatures History & Set List

Star Wars Miniatures is a game similar to HeroClix in rules, except that it uses Star Wars characterizations! Whether you like the Sith's slashing close-combat style, the Rebels' collection of big-name heroes, the Republic's mix of powerful Jedi and Republic Commandoes, or the Mandalorians' guns, you will certainly find a faction that fits your style.

SWMinis History

SWMinis, produced by Wizards of the Coast, began in 2004 and was discontinued in 2010. In that time, there were various sets released, each containing a few factions, or groups of characters, ranging from the darkest of Darths to the brightest of Jedi and nearly every type of character in between. Practically all of the characters from the seven released Star Wars films (including The Clone Wars) appear, as well as other characters from the broader Star Wars universe.

Set List has a comprehensive set list, even including some sets that appear to be post-2010!

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