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The Gamer's Repose is all about providing new gamers with tips on getting into M:TG, HeroClix, and Star Wars Minis, as well as general advice on buying/trading game pieces, game storage and supplies, and social gaming.


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My awesome boyfriend, who contributed the SWMinis Factions Guide

Webmaster Info

I'm a girl gamer in my late 20s, having played M:TG since 2004 and HeroClix/SWMinis since 2007. I specialize in life-gain and damage prevention, in terms of M:TG--I aim to create decks that explore how each color in the game does life-gain. In terms of Clix and Star Wars, I enjoy playing teams with a bit of punch and a lot of support.

In terms of gaming flavor, I also favor playing cards and miniatures that reflect graceful and powerful women. Generally, I play White and Green in Magic (though I've dipped my proverbial toe in all the colors); I usually play teams of Wildcards and Mystics in Clix, and play Republic and Fringe in Star Wars Minis.

Favorite Magic Cards
  • Fog/Holy Day/Darkness
  • Life Burst
  • Isochron Scepter
  • Akroma, Angel of Wrath
  • Empyrial Archangel
  • Well of Lost Dreams
  • Sun Droplet
  • Elvish Piper
  • Yavimaya Enchantress
  • Angels, Treefolk, Walls, Dryads
Favorite Clix Figures
  • Dove
  • Sue Storm
  • LE Jane Foster
  • Mockingbird
  • Cheetah
  • Shade
  • Shi
  • Ghost Widow
Favorite Star Wars Figures
  • Stass Allie
  • Barriss Offee
  • Luminara Unduli

Layout Design

This site layout is an homage to typical Magic: the Gathering card design, even down to the "illustrator" byline in the footer and the gold clickable "set symbol" at far right above the content box. For the "card art" in the header, I actually used images of Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Dove II, two of my favorite game-related ladies, and placed them a background derived from the card Sylvan Echoes, by my favorite M:TG artist, Rebecca Guay.

Technical Details

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